About Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors

More than 50 ambassadors in over 25 countries, promote Denmark and Copenhagen globally.

Through our strong global network and high-level business positions, we promote Denmark and Copenhagen internationally in order to attract foreign investors, companies, conferences, talents and tourists.

"The extraordinary dedication to Denmark shown by every single Goodwill Ambassador across the globe is as remarkable as the achievements of the network as a whole."

- H.R.H. Prince Joachim | Patron of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors

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A powerful network

We are a network of over 50 business leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, cultural leaders, branding experts and public opinion formers, living and working in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Once a year in august, the Goodwill Ambassadors meet in Copenhagen for the annual seminar. During their stay, the network is introduced to international initiatives, challenges and successes of Copenhagen as well as government representatives, Danish business and cultural personalities and decision makers.

Together with external partners and participants, the Goodwill Ambassadors provide their input and knowledge on selected areas in order to improve Copenhagen and Denmark’s international competitiveness and to identify the potential for development.

The Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors was founded by Copenhagen Capacity and Wonderful Copenhagen in 1996. The daily management is run by the secretariat accompanied by the Chairman and the Advisory Board.

H.R.H Prince Joachim has since 2008, been the patron of the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors.

“As a result of the Goodwill Ambassadors efforts the rewards for our country are high, and I have great respect for the important work that the network does to promote Copenhagen and Denmark all over the world."

- H.R.H. Prince Joachim | Patron of Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors